Our Value Proposition

Most sales partners avoid Office 365, due to the complexity of the sale, difficult of migration and the support needed. SherWeb’s UCaaS Connector tightly integrates Office 365 and Hosted Voice for a unique solution that earns a much higher MRC.

Here is why SherWeb's UCaaS Connector is different.

6 Reasons to sell SherWeb UCaaS Connector

Get paid for all 365 licenses

The move to Office 365 is accelerating with 50% of the market already having made the leap. UCaaS Connector lets you get paid for any new AND existing 365 license.

We can migrate the customer for you

SherWeb takes whatever role you want us to play in migration. We’ll do the whole thing or if you are an MSP and want to manage it, we’ll step aside.

SherWeb handles the sale for you

All small to medium sized customers are prospects. All you have to do is refer the deal to us and SherWeb will handle the rest. Sit back and collect commissions when we close the deal .

The UCaaS Connector bundle delivers big commissions

Couple both the desktop and voice license together and earn a higher MRC. SherWeb offers a commission and a resale model to accommodate every partner model.

You don’t need to master 365

365 is a powerful desktop tool with many applications. Microsoft has educated the market so there’s no need to master 365. SherWeb will answer all of your and your customers’ questions.

The solution is a differentiator

Other companies offer an Office 365 plug in and don’t support the customer. SherWeb UCaaS Connector offers full desktop & voice integration and manages every aspect of customer support.